There are many variations of the story explaining the origin of the teddy bear.Some believe it was completely a German creation.Others believe it was American.Some say it was a combination of the two. Still, others think it started in England.

Thefirst story is that ofMargarete Steiff, a woman born in Giengen, Germany in 1847.When she was only two, she contracted polio and spent the rest of her life in a wheelchair (Margarete).That didn’t stop her from being productive.

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She loved children and they visited her often (The). One day, she noticed a pattern in a magazine for a toy elephant.She started making a few elephants and gave them as gifts to friends and neighbors.Childrem loved it!Then, she started making other animals like a poodle, a bear, and a donkey (Margarete). Her nephew, Richard had been fascinated with bears.He had been watching a family of brown bears at Nills Animal show and sketching their antics for his aunt (Origin).He also helped her with designing her stuffed bears.In 1903, he brought some of her bears to the famous Leipzig fair (Margarete).

This is where the story would end for one who believed the bear’s origins were only in Germany.But, on the last day of the fair, a man named Hermann Berg, a buyer from a New York firm called Geo Borgfeldt & Co., went to the Steiff stand.He’d been complaining that there was nothing new at the fair.Then, he saw the bear and knew there’d be a market for it in the U.

S.He placed an order for 3,000 bears (Margarete). That very year, Theodore Roosevelt, (known as “Teddy” to close friends), had gone to the backwoods of Mississippi hunting for bears.Several days passed and he and the rest of the expedition hadn’t caught a bear. The guide then found a little bear cub in the brush and presented it to the President.

He refused to kill it and …