The Taino peoples came about in around 1200 A.D. from a diverse background of people who had been in the Greater Antilles for hundreds of years.They became the dominant culture of the region and lived on the large islands of the Greater Antilles.This was composed of the Bahamas, Cuba, Hispanola, Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

Pre- Columbian cultures such as Taino, Believed the Earth was a flat disc pierced at the center by a supernatural hole, or conduit.An imaginary cieba (silk cotton) tree filled this space and connected the heavens to the aquatic depths of the underworld.Everyday, when the sun set below the horizon, it flipped the underworld upward to become the dark night sky. The belts in the Taino culture had a specific purpose and meaning.

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They felt that these belt were representations of the various respective families in the villages.These people, historians say, used to play a competitive sport similar to soccer and these belt were worn during the games.Most, however, perceive these belts as memorials that accompanies the dead to the other world. The Taino crafted vomiting sticks with a specific style of craftsmanship and materials.

The vomittingsticks were made up of wood and mainly of manatee bone.The priests would use these special sticks to make themselves throw up.They wanted to be pure for when they conducted communion ceremonies.The duho, for the Taino, resemble a turtle. In the Taino culture, the upper class lived under different conditions than the lower class.The upper class lived in round wooden houses and the lower class lived in rectangular homes.

The roofs of the lower class villagers were composed of big leaves and vines; which were used to hold the house parts together.Taino homes were big, and extended families lived together.Chiefs slept on wooden platforms while everyone else slept in hammocks.Houses had small gardens where families grew chili peppers, ..