The Sun,life of solar system, has been the principle source of energy from thebeginning of the earth and its energy is being used in versatile ways more andmore nowadays.

Specifically, solar power indicates the conversion of energy ofsunlight to electricity.  Electricity hasbeen the most efficient form of energy in the 21st century and sothe necessity of solar power is on the rise every year. Another reason of itsincreasing application is that solar power has no boundary of use. This sort ofpower can be the future of mankind.      If solar power is being highlighted that muchin recent days, there are plenty of reasons for that.

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First of all, it iscertainly a renewable power source. The sunlight will be available for billionsof years resulting it to be an eternal source for human race. It can also helpto reduce the pressure on other fuels such as natural gas, oil, coal etc. asthese are being used in many electric power plant. The power of sunlight beatsother source of energy by a big margin in case of protecting environment. It istotally carbon emission free. Besides, solar panels are very easy to bemaintained after installation as the maintaining cost is low enough.

All ofthese are also motive of more technological advancement in this power sector.      Theuses of solar power has been in many sectors these days. Most important is theproduction of electricity from sunlight through photo-voltaic cell. This canassist us to fight the power crisis in future.

It is also very helpful forrural or hilly areas where electricity connection of power grid is notavailable. People of these areas can install a solar panel on their house andhave quite a useful access to electric power. Moreover, the sunlight is beingused in case of indoor lighting, battery charging, water heating etc.      Though usage of solar power indicateseternity, it has some disadvantages too.

The initial cost of any solar poweredproject is too high. Alongside, products used in these projects sometimescontain toxic materials which endanger our nature. This power’s weatherdependency is another major problem as modern science still cannot control weathercondition. So, the electricity production is hampered. These projects also needa lot of space which cannot be provided in some situations.      Mankind needs solutions for the increasingpower crisis in planet earth and solar power is surely one of them. This powercan be a boon for power hungry developing countries where natural sources offossil fuels are not that available.

They can eye this eternal power for futuredevelopment and have more advancement through research of this opportunity.This is just a matter of time that solar power turns into one of the most usedpower source of the world.