By the eve of Revolution, the colonists did not have a strong sense of Identity.In document B by Edmund Burke written in February 3, 1766, he wrote about governing America as if it was a joke.He said that "are gentlemen really serious when they propose this?" talking about the Declaration of Independence.Edmund Burke was a member of the parliament and he had a strong sense of British identity.

Document E talked about using weapons for "preservation of our liberties," and how they preferred to die freemen, rather live like slaves.This shows a small sense of identity because it says that they did not raised armies to separate them from Great Britain and establish independent states.Document F talks about the relationship of Great Britain with the colonies as a parent and child relationship.As the child grows, his identity changes and a new one is created, therefore, this says that the colonists had a good sense of American identity.Document H talks about what an American is.The writer wrote that an American is a European or the descendent of a European.He says that an American is a person who leaves behind all his ancient prejudices and manner, receiving new ones from the new mode of life, which he has embraced.

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He wrote "individuals of all nations are melted into a new race of men."This shows that the colonists had a new sense of identity just as the farmer wrote. The colonists had developed a strong sense of Unity by the eve of Revolution.Document A is strongly about Unity because it is the picture of a separated snake.Each piece represents a colony, and the snake cannot affect damage until all the pieces are united to together, therefore, this shows that the colonies have to unite together in order to fight the enemy.Either they can join together or die alone.

Document C talks about the "wicked violence of [the] Ministry" and how all North America is united to defe…