There is one word that each American would agree describes what this country was established for, freedom.If you asked ten people what freedom meant to them you would probably get ten different answers.The founders and original citizens of this country put their lives on the line to become free from a country they felt was unfairly ruling them.

Many of these men had bought Africans to use as slaves in their homes and their fields.They were using a double standard.As "all men are created equal" Africans are not counted in this quote.Patriots saw their slaves as property and not actual people; therefore they were not entitled to the same rights as the colonists. Thomas Jefferson thought that all everyone should have equal rights.This included men, women, and African Americans.

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As explained in chapter one this ideal was one that was new to the colonists.Their society had always been dependant on the social status of the community and this went against all they had ever known.Although Jefferson himself owned over one hundred slaves he said that the way they were treated was no way for a human to live. During the antebellum era many workers used the term wage slavery to described how they felt about their working conditions.Many individuals worked for their employers for a wage that bareley allowed them to pay for the cost of living much less allowing them have any money to save.They felt that they were receiving an unfair amount of money for their work and they compared this to being a slave.

The workers could not afford to quit, but they knew that they would never have enough money to get ahead or make a better life for them of their family. There are two sides to my feelings of the founding fathers that owned slaves.I understand that during this time period that owning slaves was almost a necessity to run a successful plantation.Slaves did all the work inside and outside the home.