The story begins on Christmas Eve, exactly seven years after the death of Scrooges business partner, Jacob Marley, with whom he once started their business, “Scrooge & Marley”.

Scrooge and his worker Bob Cratchit are at work at the office when Fred, Scrooge’s nephew, comes along to wish his uncle a ‘ happy Christmas ‘ and to invite him for Christmas dinner on Christmas day. Scrooge sends him away with comments like “yuck, Rubbish, Humbug”. The gentlemen who then arrive to collect for the poor. The men said that the poor ones would die rather than end up in a Poorhouse, Scrooge replied “if they’d rather die …

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then they should do so and so reduce the overcrowding”. Scrooge is going home, a stately building that used to be property of the late Jacob Marley . He had the House inherited after the death of Jacob Marley. The House is dark, cold and creepy .As soon as he put the key in the lock he was terrified by the shape of the ghostly face of Marley. This is the beginning of a memorable and unforgettable night……  Scrooge heard strange sounds like bells very loudly, he was terrified and decided to double lock all his doors.

Ten suddenly, a ghost came in his room, it was Jacob Marley’s ghost who came to warn scrooge that his current lifestyle will bring him fate as an atonement for the lack of charity during his lifetime. Marley tells Scrooge that the only chance he has a to escape the fate is by visits of three spirits who will come one by one. The spirit of Christmas past, The spirit of Christmas present and The spirit of Christmas future. At 1 am the first spirit of Christmas Past came. He leads Scrooge through some of the happiest and saddest  events from Scrooges past, events that have made Scrooge to what he is now.

He couldn’t bear the moments concerning his father who left him alone on boarding school even during Christmas. The loss of his great love by too much attention to the business and the death of his sister, the only person who gave him love and attention. No longer able to endure the painful memories and with an increasingly becoming feeling of regret, he begs the spirit to take him back home. When he came back to his room, it was 12 am again. At 2 o’clock in the morning (once again) appears the second spirit , the spirit of Current Christmas. This spirit shows him the Christmas feast of the Cratchit family, the good character of the crippled son, Tiny Tim, and the possible early death of this boy. This prospect put Scrooge really thinking and he shows pity.

The spirit reminds him of his words from earlier that day about reducing the overpopulation. They also visited cousin Fred where a Merry Christmas is celebrated with a game where a person guessed must be with only yes/no questions. The chapter ends with the symbolic showing two children, ignorance and need, If Scrooge asks if they have no place to live the spirit quotes him again: “are there no poor homes? Are there no prisons? “.This is what Scrooge had said earlier that day.

After this visit Scrooge returns back to his room and the clock is at 12 o’clock again. The third spirit, the ‘ spirit of Future Christmas ‘came  just after midnight. Although Scrooge is afraid of him, he is willing to go with him. This spirit confronts Scrooge with his own death: a group of people were talking about the recently deceased “old scraper. They also visited the home of the