Although not thefirst monotheistic (believe in one god) religion, the Muslims were still able to have a very large impact on world history. All though they were unsuccessful in conquering originally, the Muslims eventually succeeded in spreading the religion of Islam throughout lower Europe and upper Africa. The Islam religion is still present in modern day society. Many Muslims, at least once in their lifetime, make a journey called the Hajj to the holy city of Mecca. This is the city where the founder of Islam (Mohammed) was born. Over hundreds of centuries, Islam became one of the most influential civilizations in the world, by gaining hundreds upon thousands of worshipers and by conquering religions and civilizations that didn’t cooperate immediately.

During the lifetime of Mohammed, he gained many followers, which help spread the newly born Islam religion. To the people who followed him the ways of the Islamic god, Allah, Mohammed said that, ;He shall bring him into the gardens of [Paradise],;(Doc. 2). Also, Mohamed said that Allah would punish all those who didn’t follow this offered way of life (Doc. 2). Mohammed was an Arab prophet of Islam.

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At the age of 40 he began to preach as God’s prophet of the true religion. Mohammed created a very religious way of life. Then after 622, he began to convert Arabia to Islam.

This way of getting people to convert to Islam was unfortunately not the only way. Although peace was shown through Islam, the Muslim people also used war as a way to convert people. They conquered and killed many, probably to show that they were a strong, united religion. Many nations feared the Muslims (Doc. 4).

Other civilizations called them, ;raging tigers,; (Doc. 4) which most easily can be identified as fierce worriers. Over the centuries, Islam was spread so well by war, most parts of the world have a large amount of Islamic people, mostly because of this form of conquest. Even though …