I selected my book because I have the original publishing of the book and I have always wanted to read it.Although I thoroughly enjoy history, I have never been very familiar with the Spanish American War.Having a historical perspective from a person who was there through a book that was, in the author's words; "compiled (and printed) at the conclusion of hostilities from the author's memorandum of scenes witnessed and information gained on the ground of engagement" was also very enticing to me.

Although the author witnessed major battles he in no way explains all of the events of or reasons for the war, only those which he witnessed with his own eyes or surmised in his own mind.It is, therefore, my version of his limited perspective that I will write about. The author was a brilliant young surgeon who had just completed medical school and had gained quite a reputation.While in medical school, the author fell in love with a beautiful young woman named Minerva.At the end of his schooling, the USS MAINE is sunk in Havana harbor and at the same time, Minerva, a deeply passionate soul, decided that she would become a nurse and join the fight.Although he was from a well-to-do family and had aspirations of greatness, he instead joined the Red Cross Corps as a surgeon and, as was the nature of the time, financed his travels to support the war effort, but primarily to follow his girl.

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He experienced almost every major battle of the war, from the battle at Manila Bay to the battle for Puerto Rico.I feel that this experience more than qualifies him to tell the story of this war.He also wrote "The Columbian Historical Novels", "Hawaii, Our New Possessions", and "History of the War with Spain". He was thrust into the center of the action from the beginning and was "fortunate" enough to experience most of the major battles of the warfirst hand.He travel..