It is often said that the south couldn't have won the civil war, well this essay is going to reflect the various ways in which the Southern states attempted to fight a losing battle from the beginning. The economic dependency of the South on cotton on slavery was well known, whereas the North had companies and technology. The advantage also lay with the North because of reasons such as better communication and transportation, and even more soldiers. The leadership in the North under Abraham Lincoln was more orginized than the that under Jefferson Davis. In the 1850’s the North was more urban with a higher population due to all the Irish and German immigrants. By1860, almost all of thebiggest cities were in the North. The North also had almost 3/4 of the railroads, and more telegraph lines to send messages instantly. The North had a lot more industry also, with its factories the north was able to mass produce guns, where as the plantations in the south were making.

. cotton? well who do you think will win the war! (Source 1) The South had more slaves and more cotton. This was not any sort of military advantage as I said, and it just proved to theNorth how reliant the south was on them. Thefirst attack at Fort Sumter was poorly organized and was expected by the North.

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Lincoln had wanted to attack, but kept the troops in moderation there so they didn’t waste their men. This worked well because it worked out as he wanted and their were less casualties than their would have been if he had more of his men go. Once the war began, the military expertise of Ulysses S.

Grant for the North made it an uphill battle for the South. His military skill alone was enough to give Robert E. Lee’s forces in the South serious problem, but the Union army also greatly outnumbered the South’s troops. Though Lee would prove to be a worthy general, his strategic downfall at Gettysburg would begin the destine loss for the South. (Source.