The Relationship of Dorcas and Felice In the novel Jazz, written by Toni Morrison, the relationships formed among the characters highlight the idiosyncrasies of the characters themselves.Morrison created Felice in the novel to portray the negative side Dorcas to the reader and Joe to illustrate the nice side.The relationship of Dorcas and Felice is definitely one of the most important throughout the story.Felice serves sort of as "the middle-man" between Dorcas and Joe.She sees and understands each individual’s story because she knows both characters.

She sees how well Joe treats Dorcas and how bad that Acton treats her.Later we find out that this relationship is an extremely ironic situation.Therefore, the relationship portrayed to the reader, is the personal identity of Dorcas and Joe through the character Felice. The relationship of Dorcas and Felice begins with the fact that they are best friends.Felice knows Dorcas;s attitude throughout the whole story and, therefore, an important way that it is brought out to the reader is through Felice.

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Felice is best friends with Dorcas but she also knows her sly and insensitive ways of treating men.She takes Joe for granted and actually likes the indecent way that Acton treats her.She ends up treating Acton the kind and passionate way that Joe treated her.Dorcas said, ;he didn;t even care what I looked like.I could be anything, do anything-and it pleased him.

Something about that made me mad; (190).She is referring to the way that Joe treated her who for some reason she didn;t like, but she liked how Acton treated her which was the exact opposite.Acton often tended to tell Dorcas what to do and how to act, which she didn;t mind at all.Dorcas explains, ;Acton, now, he tells me when he doesn;t like the way I fix my hair.

Then I do it how he likes it.I never wear glasses when he is with me and I changed my …