In present time we are very thankful for the railroad that still exists to this day. Believe it or not, there were some people who did not actually support the process when it was being built. The railroad was a big need in that time period, to transport large quantities or large objects to farther places at a reasonable speed. The railroad was so logical at the time too, since you could transport objects while carrying passengers and charging a fare for them to go where they need to go as well. Socially it became such a trend to ride the railroad to a place you needed to go.

Many other points were that it was safer then traveling far distances in heat or bad winter weather. Another point was that there was no driving involved or riding with horses for days or even weeks, the railroad had luxury. They would wait on you, served all meals, and had even sleeping beds.

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The Fair was reasonable at the time when itfirst came out, and when word of mouth got around about the railroad the fare of course became less since it was such in demand. The railroad also changed the way we perceived time such as it would shrink distance and time, but while doing that it also standardized time as well. Which meant creating different time zones in different locations, which we still live by today. When a train arrives in a different location then it came from, there is going to be a time difference.

They would claim that time hasn't changed, your expectation for it has. It also made communication faster through the postal service. They would leave large bags of mail on the side of train tracks, usually in the position of hanging, and a person from the train would grab it with a long hook. Many people lost their lives due to this act just alone. The railroad tied into politics because geologically the north and south wanted different routes to benefit their town, and bring more profits from travelers passing through. It took a while for people to acce..