The main integrated
development environment of Microsoft. Allows programming of the scripts along
with Web services, Web applications, Web sites and Windows Form supported by
Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, . Net Framework and Microsoft Silverlight.

Visual Studio has a
code editor that supports Intelligence technology and code rewriting. It also
contains an interpreter that detects run-time errors. The interpreter detects
spelling errors in codes. It also includes a sample designer to build a
graphical user interface, a web designer, and a class designer. Data and
designer for crystal reports.

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The Visual Studio
contains a code editor that supports syntax and automatic completion. It also
uses smart technology to asset   the programmer to write variables, functions,
methods and courses quickly. The editor supports the writing of all the
programming and coding languages ??contained in the Visual Studio.

Visual Studio’s code
editor also supports the ability to bookmark the code to help with fast
browsing, also supports the possibility of collapsing and expanding code
groups, searching and replacing in code, and also supports code snippets, which
are ready templates of code to be inserted and changes within the projects in
progress. Also the possibility of rewriting the code.

A development
environment and a programming language from Microsoft based on the famous BASIC
language. They are categorized as object programming languages. Since Microsoft
began to release Visual Basic, it has been very successful and popular among
programmers because of its extreme ease in the face of the extreme complexity
faced by any programmer seeking to program Windows using C or C ++. Overall,
Visual Basic complies with database and application applications for small
businesses and account software. It is convenient, easy and purpose-oriented.
It also allows the programmer to focus on solving the problem. He often has no
technical difficulties when writing a Visual Basic program. However, it should
be noted that the Visual Basic programs are not fully translated into machine
language such as C ++ or Delphi, but translated into a middle code that
communicates with a “Run Time library” called MSVBM.dll with the
replacement of question marks with the version number.