The Fifties were a prosperous time, involving economic growth and increased social capabilities, introducing many new concepts which contributed to a vast number of possibilities. These possibilities turned into reality with the transformation of a dying industrial economy to a booming one. But these possibilities brought an underlying chaos along with its prosperous ideals.

The main goal of attaining prosperity was to make money. The need for materialistic possessions was emphasized as the society was looking for a more comfortable way of life. Credit became more popular as people were buying great deals of goods, and making expensive purchases to build more stable and comfortable homes. Unemployment was on the rise because both parents in families worked to increase their purchasing power. This unemployment caused already wealthy people to become wealthier while unemployed people drifted into deeper poverty. A large gap appeared between the classes, creating general discomfort of the society as a whole. During the 1950's the entertainment industry also flourished.

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Media has always had a phenomenal effect on the way the general public perceives things, and the introduction of the television and many new artists pushed the development of a celebrity-obsessed society. The biggest contribution to the entertainment industry was the rise of Elvis, who commenced a new trend of admiring and obsessing over celebrities. The increase of teenagers also gave the entertainment industry a helpful boost since most teenagers had more free time than the average adult and were able to develop a massive craze over single celebrities. The perception of life was altered, the media concentrated on influencing young adults desire for fun and comfort, making the resulting teenagers sway towards being lazy and undisciplined. The emergence of the television was a result of the growing knowledge of technology. The .