The settling of America began with an idea, the idea that people could join together and agree to govern themselves by making laws for the common good.

They desired a place where men and women of deep religious convictions could come and practice their faith freely; a place where you could fulfill the desire to expand lands and produce great riches. The idea of a clean slate, religious freedom, self-government, and dreams of great riches only whetted the English's appetites. They wanted to set forth and start anew. The enclosure movement was the cause of one of the greatest changes in the landscape of rural England.

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Landlords were enclosing croplands for sheep grazing, forcing many small farmers to move off the land. Then the economic depression hit the woolen trade and farmers had to make a new life as beggars. But word on the street was that the New World had opportunities of great riches. This caused the farmers to immigrate to the New World. These farmers were forced to start a new life, and America seemed to give the open opportunity to do so. Protestant England was still persecuting Roman Catholics among numerous discriminations, such as a couple seeking to get married could not be legally united by a Catholic priest.

The Founders of the American nation wanted to define the role of religious faith in public life.Religious discriminations evoked many Catholics to come to the Americas. Here they could create a haven where they could get away from such discriminations. Maryland was one colony that was created as a refuge for Catholics. Many other colonies were created for the sole purpose of religious freedom, not just for Catholics, but for any religion.

In the New World the colonies started under the direct supervision of the Crown, but were private projects with little supervision by the English. Political and social awareness increased and the need for government and leadership were more defined. Civil disorder w..