Gilles Perrault the author of The Secrete of D-Day refers to Operation Fortitude as the greatest Allies' triumph.It involved deception, the feeding of misleading information to the Nazis.It ensured the success of D-Day landings, which led the way to Hitler's defeat in the Second World War.

Behind the amazing success of D-Day was the most sophisticated deception plot ever arranged.The objective was to persuade the enemy that the long expected landings would take place in the northern part of the French coast ( Pas-de-Calais).Making the attack in Normandy just a diversion that could be safely ignored. Hitler had been aware that the American Allies would eventually mount a cross channel invasion.In 1942, American generals wanted to cross the channel and the British had refused the proposal.General Eisenhower declared that the British refusal "could well go down as the blackest day in history". Eisenhower later realized that such attack would have been a failure.

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By November1943, it became eminent that the Allies were going to launch an attack across the channel.Hitler appointed Field Marshal Erwin Romel, former commander of the Africa Corps, as a commander of the occupied threatened coast.The questions for Hitler and Romel were when? And where? Hundreds of bogus agent reports were fabricated, an entire US Army Group was invented.Inflatable tanks, dummy bombers and landscapes of landing crafts were positioned where they could be photographed.German pilots who were bold enough to fly over southeastern England were rewarded by the sight of a real fairytale landscape. In January 1944, Eisenhower and Churchill nominated Bernard L.

Montgomery as the commander of the ground invasion.Montgomery was feared and respected by the Germans, since he led one of the most decisive victories for the Allies in the African campaign.The Germans also learned that General Eisenhower appointed Genera…