Through out the American Revolutionary war there were many key battles taking place.Every one of the battles was important in there own aspects.Some of them prevented British troops from advancing while others pushed the British back and restored land previously lost.The Battle of Saratoga goes down in history as one of he most important battles of the war.The time and location of the battle, the engagement, and the results of the battle were a few of the reasons the Battle was so crucial for the Patriot cause.

The location of the battle was in the generally proximity of upstate New York.The Battle took place near the shore of the Hudson River.The field the engagement took place in was called Freeman Farm.The American army came up from the south while the British forces marched from the north.The two largest engagements were on September 19th and on October 7th.The camps of the two armies were about one mile apart from each other during that month.

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Three maps of the area are on the next page of the paper.The location of an open field would seem to help the British or so they thought. The Battle of Saratoga was a great battle for the American continental Army.The American Army had a far more troops then the British.On the night of September 17th the British were helped be Hessian troops that helped push the Americans back for month or so.

But on October 7th the Americans were able to drive British forces out of the field and win the war by surrounding the British and Hessian troops. The victory became was monumental for the Patriot cause The victory First and for most persuaded the French to enter the war as America's Allies.This proved to be essential towards the eventual war victory for the Americas.The American Army also gains a much-needed moral boost.This showed the Americans could defeat the large British Army.

Finally it took 5,000 British troops and 300 officers (7 Generals) from th…