The Rwanda Crisis stemmed from many things throughout the history of the country.

The questions asked dealing with the crisis are interesting in the fact that they each represent an integral part of the story of the divided nation trying to heal itself in a time of peace around the world.Colonialism represented a major portion of the world make up at the turn of the century in Africa.Many European powers held land on the continent of Africa.Belgium was the overseer of Rwanda during its time of colonial occupation.With the presence of Belgium, the ideal of racial separation was introduced to the black populace of the country.The Belgians decided to place a racial separation into the country, which provided the distinction that formed the Hutus and Tutsis.The shape of the nose defined this separation and each person was placed into one of the two groups.

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Colonialism brought a separation between a culture of people by something so small as the shape of a nose and c! reated a bridge of dissension that is still felt today.The Tutsis were recognized as the smarter of the two groups and therefore given the top governmental jobs. This led to a gap in the education, income sector, and other factors that led the Hutus to rise up in 1959 to take power away from the Tutsis government. The Hutus attacked the Tutsis for a variety of reasons that stemmed from many different sources in Rwanda.

In 1973 a coup brought Juvenal Habyarimana to power.With him came a vision to unite Rwanda and make the nation a one party system of government.Habyarimana was able to achieve several different things during the 1970’s and 80’s, such as improved infrastructures and housing.The civil service system was modernized and a new clean water system was provided for most of the nation.The tension however was rising once more over a major population crisis.By the 1980’s, Rwanda was the most densely populated country in Africa.

With the pop…