The views of different countries when it comes to news coverage vary greatly for many reasons. One such story is the theatre hostages in Chechnya, Russia.Each country giving information on this story may contain different information from one another.

For example, the United States articles on the theatres hostages lists facts given by many different hostages, Russia try's to make themselves look good and does not give as much information. Chechnya, Russia is where all of this is took place. The people holding these hostages are referred to as rebels. The captors state that they are ready to die and they can resist as long as they want. They ask for an absolute end to the war and that the Russian troops in Chechnya leave.

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If President Vladimir Putin refuses to pull out he troops, the captors threatened to shoot and kill about ten people an hour. (Theatre Hostages: Lot's of blood.)There were over seven hundred hostages being held in the theatre. They were all there to see the performance, "Nord Ost." They came from places such as Russia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Australia, Britain, and the United States. The captors allowed a Russian television crew into the theatre.

They filmed many of the hostages, most of which pleaded for the government not to come and attack because the men had explosives and were not afraid to kill all of the hostages and themselves. While the news crew was still filming, members of the International Committee of the Red Cross entered the theatre. They then releases more than forty-one people; pregnant women, children, and the elderly. Since all of this is taken place in Russia, it automatically makes bad reviews for the country.The Russians main focus in the article is when they practically pat themselves on the back when they avoided a terrible tragedy (117 hostages die in theatre attack), which in my eyes I believe that what happened in that theatre was…