The Russian Intelligentsia, a group of people who shared the bond of being intelligent and against the government, played the key role in overthrowing the tsarist government and instating a new government.The rebels involved in the beginning of the revolution started off with the people of Russia in mind.Eventually the Intelligentsia evolved into the government led by Josef Stalin and Vladimir Lenin that killed millions of its own people.This change was not sudden, but occurred over time and with the help of several other events. Peasants in Russia, which made up 95 percent of the population, had been treated horribly under the tsarist regime.Thefirst straw to break the camel's back was the end of the Napoleonic Wars, when Russian troops took Paris.Even though France had lost the war, the people were living much better than the Russians.

Disgusted by their own way of life and influenced by Western liberal ideas, the troops went back to Russia advocating the establishment of a representative democracy.The type of representation desired, however, varied from person to person.Some wanted a constitutional monarchy and some desired a democratic republic.

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Regardless of how to approach the representative democracy, these ideas stirred fury in the officers and soldiers who experienced Paris. With confusion surrounding the succession to the throne after the death of Alexander I, the troops saw their opportunity to stage a revolt.Under the order of officers, 3000 soldiers marched to Senate Square, but were shot by artillery fire.Some of the men were shot to death, some were arrested and five leaders were later executed.The revolt was crushed, but the seed to the revolution was planted. The very unpopular Nicholas I was named the rightful heir of Alexander I's throne and saw himself as the defender of the throne.

After the Decembrists' revolt, however, secret societies sprang up all over Russia and…