The last Royal line to rule Russia was the Romanov's, out of this house six women ruled Russia.

Sophia Alekseevna Romanov was acting Regent over Tsars Ivan V and Peter I from 1682 – 1689. Peter I's second wife Catherine I, would rule from 1725 -1727 after Peter's death.Anne Ivanovna then ruled for ten years after the death of Peter II in 1730.

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For one year Anna Leopoldovna would be regent of her son Ivan VI. Elizabeth Petrovna would take control in 1741 and rule for 21 years. The last woman to rule Russia was Catherine II from 1762 – 1796 after the death of Peter III. Each wouldcome in to power in their own way, but all would rule in the tsarist tradition. Tsarevna Sophia was born on September 17, 1657. The prospects of Sophia ruling Russia, with five brothers, was slight.

Sophia however was tutored by Simeon Polotsky along with her brothers. Her middle brother Simeon died in June of 1669 and Aleksei the heir-apparent died in January of 1670. When Tsar Aleksei I died in January of 1676 the frail Fedor III became Tsar at fourteen. Some say this is when Sophia had herfirst taste of power as she was always at Fedor III side and that she even ruled through him.

When Fedor III died four years later with no living heirs, the handicapped Ivan V at sixteen and younger half-brother Peter I at nine were both crowned tsar after the Rebellion of 1682. Again it has been said the Sophia had plotted with the strel'tsy guards before the rebellion, but in all accounts she did emerge as the main figure of authority during this three day period. It was then petitioned that Sophia supervise over both of the young tsars till they were able (mainly Ivan VI, who would always need guidance) to rule on their own. So Tsarevna Sophia Alekseevna Romanov was now regent of all Russia.

During Sophia's Regency, art, architecture and literature would display a distinctive new style referred to as&apos…