Many would agree that the Roman Empire was truly one of the most superior and complex civilization of all its time.Those who stood in its path suffered the brutal and bloody consequences and were shown little, to no mercy at all.From the very beginning of its history to the chaos of civil war, the Roman Empire would rise stronger than any other, embrace hundred of cultures, and till the soil from which western civilization would grow.Rome, I believe, with its complex architecture, optimistic military and godlike leaders were just a few of the many characteristics that contributed to its success and triumph.

These factors as well as many others Rome practiced would all take part in the empires unstoppable strength and success during a time of chaos and udder turmoil. To begin, the Roman Empire was vast and spread out throughout much of the known land.To help establish such an empire and help it grow advanced and complex architecture was used.

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As far as Roman Architecture goes, it is almost impossible to compare it with that of other nations, because the Romans applied architecture to so many varied purposes.It is sometimes said that the arch originated with the Romans. This is not all together true, for the arch itself they did not create, but applied it with great skill and success to various works of utility, and made it a universal feature in civil buildings.The earliest Roman dwellings were the simplest habitations that could be recognized after the tent.Built of wood, with a pointed roof, covered with straw, they consisted of one square room with a hole in the top, which admitted light and created an exit for smoke.

Roman Architecture is connected with the most advanced civilizations of its time. In Rome, ancient history ends and modern history begins and both the old and the new, possess a fascination unequaled in history. Also, another characteristic that brought about the success and triumph of the Roman…