The UNESCO is trying to fulfill this purpose in the following three ways:— 1. To develop knowledge, and understanding in the various nations of the world. 2. To spread and culture.

3. To safeguard, develop and spread knowledge. UNESCO wants that an individual in the development of creative arts must not feel obstructed by restrictions of a particular nation, language and culture. Considering educational, cultural and scientific problems as universal, UNESCO tries to solve them accordingly.

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UNESCO helps in the solution of problem relating to agriculture, health astronomy and art. Its various programmes indicate that educational problem may surface the local limits of a nation. In all its activities if tries to develop the feeling of a world society. In this attempt, it helps experts in the fields of science and education.

In the fields of education, at particularly tries to spread the spirit of fundamental education in the world it also tries to raise the standard of education in all the member countries. It has spelt out the following ten principles to be achieved in the teaching of social sciences at secondary stage of education:— 1. In the teaching of social sciences all the main aspects of the world should be included. 2. The students should be encouraged to take interest in the solution of some social problems. 3.

In the teaching of world geography the natural wealth of a nation should be clearly specified. The world problem of food should also be included in it. 4. In the teaching of social sciences the development of human personality should be studied in connection with human relations.

5. The affectionate interrelationship between the various human societies should be emphasized in the study of social science and distinction of race, colour, creed and levels of education, and culture should be ignored. 6. The problems relating to international tension and co­operation should be studied in the study of social science. In this connective the work done by UNESCO should also be noted. 7. In the study of social science contemporary events and problems should be discussed. 8.

In the study of social science one should be objective but due attention should be paid on the development of desirable attitudes and skills. 9. In the study of social science special attention should be paid on the development of critical power of reasoning. 10. In the study of social science the class and the school should be used as laboratories of society for the development of spirit of citizenship. The activities of UNESCO indicate how we should proceed towards developing international understanding through education. So each centre of education should follow its methods for development of international understanding.