Many men in the present and most, if not all, in the past have considered themselves of obvious higher caliber and as the undisputed dominant role over women. Yet in the midst of the 21st century, we are very much reminded every day of the radical change that occurred merely within the last two centuries. In the course of this time, women were led, due to key feminist individuals, from the stereotypes of the "home-maker" to a much stronger and independent sex.Through the historical struggle in which women have faced in the past by persecution and insolence, women have fought for small rights that have led to a social revolution, which has furthermore resulted in benefiting the western world immensely.

Other parts of the world, due to lack of freedom of speech, are still in the process of fighting the old customs and laws which are most definitely holding many nations back socially and economically. By examining the historical events in which women had struggled in the past, and specifying the key events in the mid-late 1800's and throughout 1900's, we can moreover make a confident prediction of the bright future that is laid upon for future female generations. There was a time when both men and women were responsible for the well being of their families, on the same sort of level. The men were the hunters and the women also gathered food, such as beetles, nuts and roots. The woman's role of collecting edibles may not seem very significant, but when the men came home empty handed, their families had to depend on what the woman collected for their meals. The women who gathered the food bore the lion's share of responsibility to keep the tribe fed. This was a good time for women because they pulled an equal weight with their spouses.

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The reason for their equality is based on the fact that the families were trying to survive, and there was no such thing as education and owning property to set the sexes apa…