Though the American War of Independence had simmered and officially ended by the turn of the eighteenth century, another revolution was rising within the United States.Immediately following the Treaty of Paris was an era of political upheaval in the states.Stability was in sight after the formation of the Federalist Party.

However, conflicting views were rampant in the new republic, mainly in the opposing political party of Jeffersonians.These political views gained more and momentum until the Revolution of 1800, where the entire system of government was changed in a peaceful movement.Thus, thefirst three decades of the United States marked a period of instability and inner struggles. Following the expulsion of British politics in America came confusion regarding the new United States government.

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After the Articles of Confederation were drafted, the United States became a confederation of thirteen states with a weak central government.However, a group of people, led by Alexander Hamilton, proposed re-writing the political order of the country.They advocated a federal government, with a strong central nucleus.This group of advocators became known as the federalists, with policies similar to the Tories of Great Britain.As a result, the Constitution of the United States was drafted and ratified by the necessary amount of states.

Thefirst president, George Washington, was greatly influenced by Federalist Hamilton.Following the Whiskey Rebellion, George Washington sent a militia out to silence these radicals.This increased his power and the power of the federal government dramatically.Also, the Bill of Rights was established, giving the common man many essentials rights.In addition to these, the tenth amendment allowed states some power over issues that the central government did not control.

However, some states wanted more sovereignty over the central government. This group of people advocated…