The events leading to the American Revolution began as soon as the English settlers set foot on Northern America and lasted for about one and one half centuries.When America was discovered and settled by the English, there was no "set" way of governing these colonies.The King and the British Parliament created the laws.

Some colonies were governed themselves; others were governed by officials of the King. The parliament passed laws taking care of England's interest, and not the colonies' interest.The British wanted control over the colonies, and would not allow them government representation, for the British believed the colonies were sufficiently represented.The colonies did not want the British in control; therefore, they put into place their own laws, and ignored the British laws.Tension then grew between the British and the colonies.

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The American Revolution begins with the taxation of the American colonies to pay for French and Indian War or sometimes called the Seven-Year War.The British fought the French and the Indian nations in the colonies. After the British victory, Britain had a large debt to pay. The debt was approximately 140 million pounds.It was Prime Minister George Grenville, secretary of Treasury in England, came up with an idea to pay this debt; however, the colonists would not be very happy.To pay this debt, Grenville suggested they impose taxes on the colonies.

He insisted that the war had been fought to protect their land; therefore, they should give a little relief. Because of this debt, the Navigation Act was to be enforced, and many more acts were to follow.The chief provisions of the Navigation Acts were, that no goods, grown or manufactured, in Asia, Africa, or America should be transported to England except in English vessels, and that the goods of any European country imported into England must be brought in British vessels, or in vessels of the countr.