The Revolutionary War in 1775 and the War of 1812 are both similar and at the same time different. The Revolutionary war and the War of 1812 are similar in that, they both were fought mainly by the British and the North American colonist.

At the same time, the two wars are different because, they were influenced by different factors. As soon as the colonist got settled in North America, Britain began interfering with economic and political affairs of the colonies. Laws such as, the Quarterly Act were examples of Britain influencing in the political affairs. Laws such as, the Stamp Act were examples of economic interference in the colonies.

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The colonists were outraged by such events, and started to rebel against their mother country. Soon people began to boycott British goods, which aggravated the situation even more. After the several boycott attempts, such as the Boston Tea Party incident, an event in time known as the Boston Massacre occurred. Though only a few people were killed, it was much exaggerated. Soon enlightened ideas were spread throughout the colonies. Ideas like, natural rights, encouraged people to break off from England.

To ensure the majority of the colonial citizens, colonial leaders brought in an English writer named, John Locke, to write a pamphlet to encourage nationalism and to break off from the British. In 1775, The North American colonist and the English engaged in a massive war in North America to determine who would control the thirteen colonies. Future political leaders such as Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson, and Adams bravely led the Minute Men. Many battles were lost, and many were won.

Battles such as the Battle of Saratoga, and Bunker Hill, helped inspire the colonists to keep fighting the British and eventually defeating the British. When the Revolutionary War was over, the colonies were in a high state of nationalism, and were in a huge debt to others. At the same time, the Rev.

War had many po…