The researcher had chosen digestsbecause these were the common and famous digests among women of Lahore.Rationale for selecting young women was that they choose novels as an escape fromtheir daily boredom. They find more time to read Urdu fiction as that of menand moreover they had impact of novels on their lives, attitudes and decisionmaking in their lives. The power in the psychology of fiction was important toacknowledge. Keith Oatlcy summed It up best when he said, in defence of artsfunding, “reading fiction improved understanding of others, and this has a verybasic importance in society, not just in the general way of making the world abetter place by improving interpersonal understanding but in specific areassuch as politics, business, and education.

In an era when high-school andUniversity subjects were evaluated economically, our results did have economicimplications”.     (Gow, How FictionImpacts Fact: The Social Impact Of Books, 2012) Psychology professors DavidRapp and Richard Gerrig also did a similar study and discovered that readerscreated such rich representations in their own minds about characters in anovel that they create their own expectations about their behaviour based onwhat they know about them, much as we do with friends and family members thatwe know well. Oatley set out to prove that very notion, when he took an AntonChekhov story. The I.

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ady with the Dog, and presented it to one set of readersin its original fictional form. He then gave it to another set of readersrewritten in a documentary-style factual telling. as if it were a true story.He examined the readers’ personality traits and emotions before and afterreading both versions; those who had read the original short story had greaterchanges in personality. They even actually became a little like the charactersthat they identified with in the story.The researcher had chosen this topicbecause it was being very common observations that after reading such kinds ofstories women and girls started fantasizing their lives according to thosestories. They started idealizing that they would also had a prince or gentlesupport as in the stories and would also settle down their all problems andissues in their lives. Researchers proved by their studies that media had agreater impact on society as well as on its users.

Print media had a differentimpact than that of electronic media. Print media included newspapers,magazines and books etc. Books were said to be the friends of everyone, most ofthe people especially women selected books to spend time with. Most of themprefered novels on the other types of books. The main keyword of the researchwas popular Urdu fiction because novels had also been becoming popular amongstudents especially girls. The researcher, for that reason had chosen the Urdufiction novels because these kinds of novels or books were said to be very muchpopular among young women.

Print media was easy to carry and It read in a highratio. Its larger readership was always from female students and house wives becausethey had the hobby of reading urdu digests and novels as well. Digests were includingmostly ‘Shua ‘Kiran’, ‘Khawateen’, ‘Urdu digests’, Pakeeza’, ‘Anchal’ etc. Thesewere very much common because they contained mostly love stories and alsofictions and that was what attracted girls the most.

1.1.  Rationale of the study