The Renaissance Courtier was the ideal man.

He was very knowledgeable in everything he did. He was muscular and athletic and knowledgeable of all sports, yet he had an appreciation for the arts. He was familiar with all exercises and forms of martial arts. He knew how to use all types of weapons while standing or on horseback, and knew what type of weapon to fight with in different situations. He was well schooled and knew how to read Greek and Latin and read technical language.

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He was musically inclined and played a variety of instruments for his own amusement. At dances, he was a commendable dancer. The Courtier also liked and was completely loyal to the prince. The Renaissance Courtier had a quiet confidence about him. He didn’t walk around the village and gloat about all of his accomplishments, but everyone still knew what he could do. He was very knowledgeable but very content about it. He made everything look effortlessly, but secretly he practiced with a passion to be accomplished at each skill.

Basically, there was nothing this guy couldn’t do. The Renaissance Courtier was a good friend to all and he got along with everyone. He stood up for others and never put people down. He wouldn’t talk about people behind their backs. He did nice deeds and didn’t ask for anything in return. He also didn’t contradict others. He knew when to express himself and when to be quiet.

He was also serious, but he knew how to take a joke. Because of this, he was respected by noblemen and countrymen. During the time of the Renaissance Courtier, the working class did all the laborious work. Basically, the nobles concentrated on perfecting their minds and bodies. Life in the castle was one of cerebral challenges, of continuous education, and a constant search for amusement.

Because of the Renaissance, people made time to appreciate the arts. Unlike the countrymen who toiled from dawn to dusk, the Courtier filled his day with classes, discussi…