The reformation period was one of the most significant
events in modern european history because it was the
spark that would eventually smother the fiery
dominance of religious leaders in politics and would
incite a modern world where the most advanced
societies now embrace a division of church and state
and a tolerance to freedom of worship. Through the
acts of revolting peasants and the minds of a new set
of leaders such as Martin Luther, Queen Elizabeth and
Popes Paul III & IV, an enormous change in thought and
practice would be born. Much of what we experience
today in the most modern societies in our religious
and political freedoms is a result of this most
significant time in history. Indeed, if the events did
not take place, what we now consider modern society
may have looked completely different.
Martin Luther,although only a monk, is credited
with starting the Reformation by challenging the
affairs of the church.Luther had been appalled by
the selling of indulgences and engendered the 95
thesis, upsetting Johann Tetzel by posting it on the
door of the castle church in Wittenberg.Word spread
quickly about Luther's revolutionary ideas which
instigated people to question church authority.This
lack of confidence in the ways of the church led to a
new autonomy in pedestrian thinking and helped to
create a downfall in absolute power in the Catholic
Church.Without this epiphany by the people of
Europe, brought upon by Luther, the Church may have
continued to monopolize European thought and politics.
Queen Elizabeth, Henry Vlll's third child to rule
England, shaped religious thinking and it's
relationship to political power like no woman had done
before.By promoting concessions that would lead to a
uniting of Protestantism and Catholicism under one
Church she created religious peace and reduced the
power of a single dominating religi…