In the late eighteenth century America really begin to take shape as its own country.

In the nineteenth century the change was very noticeable.During this time the country was beginning to see what it is like when you have a country where everyone has the right to voice his or her own opinion.The country was struggling with slavery, what state should be a slave state and which state would not be a slave state.This time in American history several movements begin happening for the good of the country.These movements were happening because of all the different opinions going on in the country.

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One of the movements that came to front was a movement on prison reform.The way that prisoners were being treated is what led to the reform.Religious groups came forward and wanted to have prisons were the inmates could be treated as individuals and not as animals.Women's right movement also happens in this period of time.Women wanted to have the same rights as men during this time in history.

The Temperance movement was a movement with the main focus being on alcohol.These movements all happen because groups of individuals got together and decided it was time for a change.These reform movements are what help lead America into the country that it is today. The prison reform movement was started in order to make sure that the inmates were treated as human beings.The prisons at this time were horrible.

The living conditions were worse than the prisons we have today.One group that wanted to make sure that the prisoners were treated with respect was the religious group called the Quakers.The Quakers took it upon themselves to try and create their own human prisons.The prisoners in this type of prison studied the Bible, they were able to work, and they were not allowed to speak.

Prisoners were expected to carry out their whole sentence, there was no getting out for good behavior.There was no such thing as a par…