The night was coming and the Red Death had already been there and tormented the town.Many where lying on the streets breathing their last breathe.Prince Prospero brought all whom where well in to his castle and locked and welded up the gates and doors so no one could infect them with this tragedy.He had food and wine and dancing for all in his layer, and had evaded the Red Death from following them in.Prince Prospero had seven rooms for the party each with there own color.

There was blue, purple, green, orange, white, violet, and black.In each room the windows, carpets, and shades where all the same color.Prince Prospero had an interest in bizarre pieces of art so it is surrounds the rooms.He also owned a huge Grandfather Clock that chimes very loudly on ever hour. The party was filled with music, laughter, food and wine.At every hour the clock would chime.Five times at five o'clock, six times at six o'clock and so on.All the dancers and music would stop and everyone would license to the chimes like a spell had over taken them.

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At twelve o'clock the clock chimed again and seemed to take forever for the clock to chime twelve.At the last chime the party still remained silent, as a new interruption had occurred. The intruder came at the sound of twelve and was thought to be a guest atfirst and even after a long glance the guests could still not think of what horror was standing so near to them.Prince Prospero anger turned to rage as he confronted the figure.He was covered in blood and he had the look of a corpse.

A small number of the guests thought they recognized the Red Death but not Prince Prospero.He had sneaked into the party with every door looked and shut. Prince Prospero could only think of the insult that this man had done to him.He confronted the figure and asked his guards to arrest him and take his mask off.They did nothing and only watche…