THE RECONSTRUCTION OF EUROPE AFTER WORLD WAR II Even while World War II war still being fought, leaders of the Allied powers began thinking about how to reconstruct Europe after the war.

Winston Churchill of Britain, Franklin Roosevelt of the United States, and Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union agreedfirst of all, that they would need to root out fascism entirely. This meant they would not only need to defeat Germany but also need to denazify Germany by punishing those who were responsible. Coming out of the Second World War which completely ruined and crippled Europe, many countries had to face the problems of material, economic and moral reconstruction. This report shows how the countries went about rebuilding a ruined Europe. On June 6th 1947 George c Marshall presented a speech of a plan the forever-changed Europe. It was a plan to rebuild the destructed Europe after World War II. ?Borne from the mind of a wise and diplomatically skilled visionary, the Marshall Plan was the phoenix on whose wings war ravaged Europe would begin its ascent from the ashes of World War II.

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The Plan took root in the Economic Cooperation Administration (ECA) created by Congress in April 1948. Its official title was the European Recovery Program. It is called the Marshall Plan, however, in honor of its creator – Secretary of State George C.

Marshall. Constituting one of our nation’s finest for eign policy moments, the Marshall Plan signaled America’s unequivocal resolve to assist an economically struggling Europe, and assume a position of leadership on the post-WWII stage. Observing the financial crises which had forced Britain to pull out of Greece, the massive European capital shortages, poor crop conditions, rising inflation, and the budding seeds of communist parties in France and Italy, Secretary of State Marshall was determined not to repeat the mistakes of World War I by simply standing by as bad times turned worse.

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