During the period 1937 to 1939 many European nations became involved in war.

This was because of many reasons, namely: The Failure of the Munich Agreement, the policy of Lebensraum, the Invasion of Poland & the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression. This European conflict in 1939 spread quickly into a World War by 1941. Reasons for this are America's plan of Isolationism, The Italian Campaigns, the attack on Pearl Harbour & Operation Barbarrosa. By 1938 Hitler had decided to begin his plan to add living space (Lebensraum) to Germany.

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Hisfirst target was Austria, as he himself was of Austrian birth & 96% of Austria was German speaking. This plan to amalgamate with Austria was forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler non the less, did not care. He began his plan byfirst ordering Austrian Nazis to bomb public buildings & stage mass parades in order to stir up disunity. Hitler then summoned the Austrian Chancellor Schuschnigg to Germany. Here he ranted, raved and blatantly threatened him. Schuschnigg became worried and ordered a plebiscite to be held in order to let the Austrians decide whether they wanted to remain independent or join with Germany.

Hitler was furious at this move & ordered invasion plans to be drawn up, forced the abandonment of the plebiscite & made Schuschnigg resign in favour of a Pro-Nazi Austrian. The new leader asked Germany to send troops to restore order, and on the 11th of March 1938 this happened; Germany invaded. Two days later Austria was made a province of Germany. One month following, Hitler claimed that 99% of the Austrian people had voted in favour of Anschluss in the April plebiscite. These events angered the European nations, but once again, a policy of appeasement was adopted. The failure of the Munich Agreement (1938) stirred up even more problems in Europe.

The agreement signed between Italy, Germany, Britain and France aimed to hand over the disputed Sudetenland to Hitler in an act of appeas…