The Reasons for Statistical Measurement in Tourism are as Follows: 1. Statistics are required to evaluate the magnitude and significance of tourism to a tourist destination. Statistics quantify the role and contribution of tourism to the economy and to society and for a country also the part played by tourism in the balance of payments. 2.

Statistics are essential in the planning and development of physical facilities. To assess the requirements of hotels, airports, roads and other facilities, the volume and the characteristics of the tourist movement have to be determined quantitatively. 3. Statistics are required in marketing and promotion which can be effective only if they are based on the assessment of the actual and potential markets.

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4. Statistics of tourism are useful to the government tourist organisations and the providers of tourist services. Government is mainly interested in travel as an item in the balance of payments and in tourism as a source of employment and as a user of resources. 5.

They provide a means of marketing forecasts.