There are many theories concerned with the existence of human rights. Marxism explains’ moral belief and doctrines in terms of class struggle and class structure which was determined by means and modes of production. But as human rights speaks of equal and inalienable right because they are human. So, it has no sense to Marxist. The another theory is Utilitarianism, which achieved it classic formulations in work Behtham and John Straut Hill in first half of nineteenth century is fundamentally at odds with human rights.

The first nation is that human rights constitute the common heritages of all humankind. Human rights are legacy passed from one generation to next; as such it is heritage should be subject of education. It is available from childhood” onward to share in energy and life force of world where human rights norms should become the underpinning of social change, breaking through the vicious cycle humiliation and the imposition of suffering on human by fellow human that so ruthlessly and shamelessly dwell among us. Human rights are freedom without law is anarchy and law without freedom is tyranny.

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It may dialogue about fine balance among culture, law, freedom and dignity and solve the concern of individual and communities about gender, class and race comprises of human rights way life. Human rights are needed to protect people from harm and to help people to protect them. Human rights as preventive to human rights as preventive to human rights violation and as mechanism for protection and redress of grievance is essential quality of human rights standards and to protect form human rights violators and to remedy the wrong they endure.

The human right refers comprehensive efforts to identify and support structure which tend to consolidate peace and advance sense of confidence and well being of people. The conceptual relationship between human rights and development social, political and economic. The reaffirmation of human rights to development, articulated in Vienna Declaration of 1993. Human rights education about development should encompass in conceptual and practical terms. Human rights education devised to empowers people at grassroots level. All form of development education could be enhanced by the incorporation of human rights and its goals and standards. These can be used as the basis of reflection on the need for desirability of modes and purpose of social and economic development.

The development education is primarily concerned to equitable fulfillment of social and economic rights. In that evolution of these standards is current and highly political and the concept of group rights can also be used to the dynamic of ongoing process of identifying and remedying obstacles and insult to human dignity that constitute global human rights movement. Human rights can bring to development education the nation of development as a process of evolution of society based upon normative principle that call for fulfillment for social, economic and cultural rights through evolution of equal distribution of whatever benefit society may process and elimination of the avoidable poverty and bring social development through which societies become more responsive to needs and dignity of their members. This is concept of development more consistent with the principle of the universality and the indivisibility of human rights, concept best communicated by comprehensive approach to peace. Human rights is one of the major substantive area of world order studies which define itself as an inquiry into realization of set of global values. It focuses on the possibilities for alternative economic system and international institution more adequate of the realization of the value, resolution of global crises and brings democratic government.