The purpose of this paper is to discuss what kind of person and life Oskar Schindler experienced before, during, and after the Holocaust.

A womanizer, industrialist, and cunning man with numerous flaws, yet was considered a savior to over 1,100 Jews that were saved because of his thoughtful gestures.He was the national safe haven to the Jews, in Word War II, although he was once a Nazi spy.Schindler's actions were based on the well-being of himself successfully in the business world.Yet in the end of his factory career, his actions were then based on the fact that the Jews had a high risk to be sent to death camps and he felt the need to save them all. Born April 28, 1908 in Zwittau, Czechoslovakia, money was Schindler's middle name.He never missed a chance to make a sheer amount of money.

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From the beginning of his life until the very last days, money had always been a passion of his, although at times he would experience bankruptcy.He jumped headfirst into money-pits and joined the Nazi Party, which seemed to help him along his way to running his own business.Emilie, Schindler's wife, and Oskar moved to Crakow where they had taken over a Jewish family's apartment.It involved bribes of many kinds and goods from an illegal black-market.The black-market, the underworld, and local Gestapo chiefs were his connections that guided him to investing in his Jewish labor factory, Deutsch Emailwaren Fabrik, which produced enamel goods.Schindler employed only Jews, because they were the cheapest of labor.No one was beaten or killed.

It became an oasis of humanity in a desert of moral torpor ( Slowly as the brutality of the Nazis accelerated with murder, violence and terror, the seeds of their plan for the total extermination of the Jews dawned on Schindler in all its horror.He came to see the Jews not only as cheap labor, but also as m..