The development of the Quakers in the United States one of the examples of a great opportunity lost to ignorance. The By the mid 1700's, the numbers of Quakers in the US far out numbered the Quakers in Britain. It possessed many qualities to make it the dominant religion of the colonies. However, the within the large population rigidity began to grow among the Quakers. It failed to adapt to changing times as Puritanism did, thus, it remained more static.

Soon, many Quakers became more interested in perfecting their purity than spreading their message to others. Slowly, Quakerism began to put up a wall. Through their religion, the Quakers had a great hankering for martyrdom. They sought it out actively; trekking through dangerous territories and going to places and preaching where they knew they were unwanted. Suffering for their Lord was a prevalent in their society.

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They would withstand beating, torture, and even death in the name of sacrifice for their Lord. Their voluntary suffering was a way of strengthening their faith, but it also drew vast admiration for their resolve and unwavering devotion to their beliefs. Problems ultimately rose when Quakers became active in the Government. The issues of taking oaths became a hot button topic. Quakers refused to take oaths for trials, thus could not be witnesses or jurors for the courts. However, their unwillingness to comply made it possible for many crimes to be committed and go untried. Their stubbornness resulted in a more crimes punishable by death, since they compromised on taking an oath on matters of capital punishment. Quakers were also devout pacifists.

Even as war broke out between France and England they refused to fight. Colonies surrounding Pennsylvania were what the Quakers relied on for defense. However, they seemed to remain oblivious to the fact that many Native American, which whom they were friendly with, were massacring people on the western borders. They .