2. Advertising 3. Sales promotion 4. Publicity. Company appointed medical representative shoulder the responsibility of personal selling in pharmaceutical marketing.

He has to communicate the product to doctors with help of visual aid detailing and presenting literature, supportive studies and trials, samples, gifts etc. As advertising is concerned, pharmaceutical marketing is carried out through different media like television and radio for O.T.C. product. But in case of ethical and prescription based product marketing is done through preparing detailing talks of visual aid; leave behind, product monograph, product information in medical journals, magazines and in medical seminars, workshops, continuous medical education (C.M.

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E.) program etc. Sales promotion is carried out through special trade offers for chemist, dealers/distributors etc and also offering special sponsorships to doctors like exclusive gifts, bulk samples etc. Publicity in pharmaceutical marketing means participating in trade or medical exhibition, seminar conducting large clinical trials and special product campaign is also comer under publicity in pharmaceutical marketing. So sales promotion is within the evaluation of effectiveness of elements of promotional mix. Therefore the significance of promotional mix in terms of buying process is analyzed as:


Personal Selling:

It has a significant role in promotional mix in pharmaceutical marketing. It can influence all steps of buying process both in terms of individual doctor or groups of doctors. Personal selling increases awareness of the product, create interest, leads the doctor to evaluate it, encourage them for trial and use and finally score over all elements like advertising, public­ity and sales promotion helps the marketer for good feedback from market.

2. Sales Promotion:

In pharmaceutical marketing most popular method for sales promotion is trade offers, spe­cial discount schemes for bulk purchase and gifts for value purchase. Therefore sales pro­motion is only concerned with interest and repeats usage not related to any of the evaluation experimental use or actual usages. But in case of sales promotion at doctor’s level through samples or special schemes for dispensing doctors then awareness, interest, experimental trial, usages and repeat usages are most important.



Publicity shows significant effects in case of clinical research creates awareness, interest, and evaluation trail as well as repeat usage and also incase of medical symposia it occurs except trial in not included.

4. Advertising:

Advertising is a non-personal paid form of non-personal promotion by identified spon­sored. So in case of pharmaceutical marketing advertising increases awareness, interest, evaluation and encourages customer for repeat usage. A creative and innovative advertising at clinical level has always support to achieving sale objectives.