I believe the most prominent figure in American History was George Washington.His several victories in the American Revolution helped to form American independence and established George Washington as an exceptional general.As the leader of the Constitutional Convention, he was significant in developing our country and government today.

Washington led the way for other US presidents to come, by being elected thefirst president of the United States.George Washington’s leadership role in American History not only won the Revolutionary War but also shaped the course of American government. In the course of the American Revolution, George Washington was designated to be the commander-in-chief and the general of the Continental Army.

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He was noteworthy for his enduring commitment to independence for the colonies and in leading his soldiers to triumph because of his military skill.Washington’s great success as a military leader in war gave him respect and made him popular among the people, helping him to be chosen as the leader of the Constitutional Convention. George Washington played a vital part in integrating the states.It was his influence which convinced all of the Americans of the importance of a strong central government with authority over all the states.Not only did George Washington play a crucial part in our government, he lead the way for US presidents to come by serving as thefirst president of the United States. As thefirst president of the United States, George Washington helped to form our sturdy country that would some day become a world power.

Using his power, he formed the states into a strong union with one central government.Washington knew that his actions would set the model for future presidents to come and he contemplated this when making judgements. George Washington’s importance is evident in American History from his wins of our independence to the Revolutionary War.He attain…