When people think “slavery”, they view itas the dehumanizing and degradation of the African race solely because of the color of their skin. People do not see that there were profits to be made with our African ancestors.In the eighteenth century, our ancestors were stripped of their name, and their culture, to become a forced employee to the American white man.They were brought from our motherland of Africa to be clean shaven and dipped in palm oil in order to present a more well groomed look for the “planters” interested in good slaves for their plantations.Taken from their homes and brought into a new social structure and a different dialect of culture, many slaves showed no signs of emotion from such treatment.Much stronger individual slaves maintained hope and long term prosperity.

With the known proviso of only types of labor, numerous slaves could not handle this subjugation, and could not hide their feeling of pain and anguish especially, when families felt the depreciation of their worth ; as slaves were exhibited to the buyers and presented like well groomed horses. These slaves were forced into what is considered free labor. They were not getting paid for their long days–sweating, many times having “cotton picking” for dinner at night. Needless to say , this was not important— for the American planters trying to make a living. What is important is that the slaves are presentable for the bidder who wants the slaves for his plantation– so he can make profit.Most importantly, these slaves were to be presented like they had the ability to handle what was about to be their taste of “hard work, no pay”.

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William Wells Brown explains:” Before exhibited for sale, they were dressed and driven out in to the yard. Some were set to jumping some singing and some playing cards. This was done to make them cheerful and happy,..

.. and I would set them to dancing when their cheeks were wet with tears.” Contrary to the Caucasia…