"Wishing to establish his own character, the sage establishes the character of others." – Analects 6:28 The sage leads by example.When the sage is a picture of virtue then others will follow. "The Tao that can be told of is not the eternal Tao." – The Lao Tzu ch.

1 The Tao is the eternal way of the universe and language is inadequate to describe it.The word "Tao" is no more the actual original Tao than a pointing hand is the sky. "Is it not because he has no personal interests that his personal interests are fulfilled?" – Tao-te Ching ch. 7 By having no personal interests, one is acting in accordance with the eternal way of the Tao and thereby all of his needs are being met.

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"The right is an infinity" – The Chuang Tzu, A. the Equality of Things (ch. 2) Everything is right.Everything is wrong.Only because we distinguish them from one another do they exist.Language again is what is obscuring the Tao's true sense. Wang Yang-Ming's concept of knowledge is that the extension of this knowledge is through the investigation of things.

Also, because all innate knowledge is of the good, then, through the investigation of thing, one can get rid of evil. The Taoist concept of wu-wei is simply means "non-being".This does not mean inactivity, but rather "taking no action that is contrary to Nature", in other words letting Nature take its course. Mencius believes that Human Nature is originally good.

Since man is originally good, it follows that:he possesses the innate knowledge of the good and "innate ability" to do good (Mencius 7A:15); that if one develops his mind to the utmost," he can "serve Heaven" and "fulfill his destiny"(Mencius 7A:1); that evil is not inborn but a side effect of man's failures and his inability to avoid evil external influences (Mencius [email protected]