* Black Power is a phrase that has instilled both pride and hope *into the souls of black people, while simultaneously striking fear into *the hearts of whites. ‘No two words in contemporary American society have *been more controversial or misunderstood than Black Power’ (Fager, cover). *This “misunderstanding” is what made the Black Power Movement so receptive *among African-Americans, but threatening to whites.After *African-Americans became disenchanted with the Civil Rights Movement, a *new concept rose to the forefront of black ideology.The Black Power *Movement began to reshape black consciousness during the mid-sixties, and *left an everlasting impression on American society.According to Maulana *Karenga, The Black Power Movement can be ” divided into three basic *tendencies or thrusts: 1) the religious thrusts; 2) the cultural thrust; *and 3) the political thrust” (Karenga, pg.172).

These three thrusts *united a mass of black people, who shared a common struggle, common *concerns, and a common consciousness.Throughout this paper I will *explore these indispensable components of The Black Power Movement, *focusing on each ones theories and contributions to the struggle for *economic, political, and social change. * The strong religious content within the Black Power Movement is *what really allowed this social movement to appeal to the masses.Without *this religious element, it is very difficult to assembly a mass movement.

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*A key component in the Movements success was its redefining of the current *world order and providing a moral justification for the struggle.At the *forefront of this new perspective was both Christian and Islamic *leadership. The most vocal religious leader during The Black Power *Movement was the Nation of Islam’s’ Malcolm X.Malcolm preached Elijah *Muhammads bold gospel, which painted God black and labeled *African-Americans as Gods cho.