"The Porfirato" is the name given by historians to the period 1876-1910 in Mexico.The Mexican government was under the dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz,who was responsible for implementing Mexican Modernization during his 34 year reign. Porfirio Diaz (1830-1915) was of Spanish and Indegenous ancestry who became a national heroe because of his military exploits during the French intervention.He also commanded the troops that captured Mexico city in 1867 Thefirst diaz administration (1876-1880) established after power was seized from Juarez through caudillo and military support .Helater returned to office in 1884 and "continued to it through successive reelections until his resignationand flight from Mexico in 1911" .In the four year interim 1880-1884,Manuel Gonzalez with the initial support of Diaz continued Diaz's modernization programme.

The Mexican government of this period employed economic and social policies of industrialization by invitation, land expropriation, revised taxation and constitutional amendment, to open up the country for development. Industrialization by invitation opened Mexico to foreign capital from United States and Europe. "When Diaz assumed control ofMexico in 1876,the country had scarcely been touched by the scientific,technological and industrial revolutions or the material conquests of the nineteenth century."Laws were revised tomake the country more attractive to investors and American and other investors and promoters were granted concessions of every kind on extremely generous terms.Foreign capital fuelled dynamic growthand an expanding rail networkpromoted eport agriculture,manufacturing and mining.

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Foreign railway companies invested in railway building creating a boom under the Diaz regime.The tracks went from less than 400 in1876 to over 12000 in 1910.Tracks were laid for export purpose cto carry Mexican minerals and goods abroad.The Mex..