Thefirst Greek-speaking, Indo-European tribes appeared in Greece about 1900 BCE, during the Middle Bronze Age. Thefirst peoples were highly adaptive, ready to learn, eager to accept, adopt, and change their culture. It was only naturally that these outgoing, innovative people traveled and came in contact with the Minoan culture. Under Minoan influence these peoples developed into a new culture, the Mycenaean. The Mycenaeans were a different race altogether from the Minoans, and came into existence in Greece around 2000 B.C.

The Mycenaean culture proved successful, becoming very powerful and very rich. Although the great civilization fell, it still thrived and flourished for an entire period. The mainland of the 15th century did not have any revolutionary developments in the political, economic or social sense. The political, economic and social systems thus had been moving toward the North East's idea centralization.

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The population was growing, and foreign trade was booming. The purpose of my paper is to examine the political and social systems of Mycenae by means of closely examining their power bureaucracy, social systems, and their trade; both imports and exports. All information is gathered from the Tablets, archaeological evidence, Scholar's theories, and Homer. First, I will address the political system of Mycenae. There is little evidence about the form and organization of the Mycenaean society. The Linear B tablets provide some information, but even that information is questionable and debated.

Perseus is the traditional and mythological founder of Mycenae. The beginning of Mycenae's excellence began with the fall of Knossos.The world depicted by Homer in the Iliad and the Odyssey can only partly be treated as historical evidence,but Homer still exhibits some clues and evidence for rebuilding a model of Mycenae's political system. By a combination of Homer, the Linear B tablets, and arc..