"Love and Marriage its an instution you cant dispear it it.Anyone could tell you that it is elementary.You cant have one with out an other.

Love and marriage."This is one of my favorite quotes.It is actually token from a line of a Frank Sinatra song named "Love and Marriage.

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"The song is also a lead of to one of my all time favorite shows "Married With Children ."The show is driven by the husband and wife, Al and Peggy Bundy.Al and Peggy are complete opposites and prented to hate eachother on the show.It sure provides for some good comedy.The real problem with Al and Peggy is that they don't know how to communicate effectively with each other.

Communication is the bear essiental of life and any relationship that wants longevity to it.Men and women need to realize to better communicate with each other they need to both understand how each feels and thinks. Men and women are like cats and dogs.That statement holds true to the most part.Men and women are very different yet are alike on many levels.Men and women tend to think and feel different about life, love, and relationships.

You take any guy and he could tell you a 100 things wrong about women.Take any girl and she could tell you a 1000 things wrong about a man.Yet what many people trying to build relationships is how alike both men and women are.There are usually two sides to every story.And the same goes for men and women.

Lets use type A and B man and type A and B girl to start off.These are of course stereotypes and not every man and women is going to fall under group A or B category.Lets start with Type A girl. Type A girl is the perfect example of a lady and acts like one in every way.

Type A girl always uses her manners and is looking for the perfect prince to sweep her off her feet. Some of Type A's hobbies include shopping at the mall all day, sitting around the home watching soaps, and…