The book The Pianist should be put in a time capsule for several reasons. Thefirst reason is the most obvious one, which is that after generations pass people will forget about the Holocaust and the immense devastation caused by the Second World War and fascism. If we keep this book on the dusty shelves of the library it will become history that no one will care to read. If it is put in a time capsule and read again then people will never forget about the tragedies of the Holocaust.

The second reason is that we cannot have people forgetting about the Holocaust. In one hundred years there will be no Holocaust survivors left to tell their stories. That is why this book is more important than a fiction book. Putting this work in a time capsule will make people understand that the Holocaust actually happened. I have found that holocaust deniers and historical revisionists today think that the Holocaust is a hoax. I think if these people look at the pictures from this book and read what the author has to say they will never forget it. However if we put a fiction book in the capsule people will label the Jewish people's history as fiction.

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This is a book that does not leave out details and there is no shortage of truth. The book should be placed in a time capsule because by remembering the Holocaust we can make sure that it does not happen again. The graphic description of his suffering will serve as a lesson to future generations about the evils of racism and discrimination.

The title the Pianist also reflects the theme of art and music. These aspects of human existence are timeless and universal. In the book the main character uses his artistic skills to connect to his enemy, the German solider. Illustrating that even in times of chaos and anarchy that people from different backgrounds can be connected by attributes of existence that are common to humanity like art, music and emotion.

The other benefit of placing the boo…