The Renaissance has always been interesting and fascinating historical period that means rebirth and represents a change in thinking. People were waking up from a deep sleep, which lasted during the Middle Ages. Urgent to learn and know, they started to experiment, put the foundations of things we still use today and created art we still admire.

Renaissance has significant impact on development of people's human consciousness, culture, and spiritual destiny.It was the time when Europe flooded with classical art, literature, new scientific explorations and discoveries. Moreover, three men, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael, shows best the cultural values of the Renaissance and entermore vitality, emotions and beauty, as well as technology,proportion and philosophy. One great representative of the intellectual society that was formed during the Renaissance was Leonardo Da Vinci-a scientist, an inventor, and an artist. In his art one can easily recognize his knowledge of beauty and the ability of expressing vitality. All his works became masterpieces, but the Last Supper is one of the best known works of art in the world.

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Even though, the Last Supper had been painted before, Leonardo’s version was thefirst that seemed to depict real people acting like real people. All figures are displayed very human, expressing emotions. As Dr. Napoleon stated in Globe magazine, this painting has a highly dramatic effect, which depicts the moment when pronounces the words, ;One of you will betray me.; The psychological intensity of the apostles; reactions to the Master;s revelation is almost palpable. The drama of the painting is created through the emotions of the disciples, each of whom reacts in a different and personal way, through their awe-stuck and incredulous facial expressions, and through the variety of gestures and fluid movement of their arms and bodies.

The artist portrays the psy…