Throughout time, man has tried to accurately record and portray the events of their own period.This was done for many reasons, but the great historians used this tool to try and give future generations something to evaluate and learn from.Thucydides, one of thefirst great historians, who was a citizen of ancient Athens, tried to do this very deed.His book The History of the Peloponnesian War has been an accurate account of history from which many have been able to contemplate.

Ideas and errors from this time have in many ways shaped the society that we live in today.Thucydides made a valiant effort towards making sure that the people to come would know about their ancestors. Sliding to the other side of the spectrum, my paper written thefirst week of school, on the scandals plaguing the Clinton administration is to be considered completely unfactual.

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That's not to say that the things I wrote about did not happen, in fact they did.However, the paper was written completely from memory of events which have taken place over the last six years or so.The brain may be an amazing organ, but surely not accurate enough to base history on.No formal research was performed, and in fact, I wrote it from someone else's point of view.Mainly though, all of the information I and most other people know about Clinton is completely biased anyway, simply due to the fact that most of our information comes from the press, who is not known to be entirely accurate themselves.

Thucydides on the other hand was in the midst of the Peloponnesian war throughout its stay.The amazing thing about his accounts is that even though he was an Athenian citizen, he was able to remain unbiased for the most part when dealing with the actual accounts of battles and so forth.Thucydides was able to reiterate several debates and discussions of which it is obvious he attended.One of which was "The Mytilen.