For many years, Hollywood has been filming many movies and popular TV shows that portray the life and experience of the Old West for what it was really not, heroically mythical and dangerously romantic. What were the proposes of Hollywood in filming many films about this popular subject of life and history? For the most part of it, Hollywood was romanticizing the life and experience of the Old West in their movies and TV shows.

However, some movies like Tombstone, by George P. Cosmatos, are non-fiction, of real character names and of real events, but they still are largely romanticized by Hollywood. The portrayal of themovie Tombstone is very romanticized compared to how the Old West really was, Hollywood added romanticism to make it more interesting and to appeal to a larger number of audiences. Hollywood could have made the movie more realistic by following more of what life was really like in the Old West, many parts of the video were not portrayed as they really were back in the Old West. The western film Tombstone, starring Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer, was portrayed and romanticized by Hollywood as and adventurous and heroically mythical, non-fiction story about the life and experience of cowboys in the Old West.

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Although the characters and their life story in theOld West is non-fictional, the movie was romanticized by Hollywood as no more than a myth to how the life in the Old West was. The movie began with Cutting Bill Brosis, character played by Kurt Russell, killing a young newly wedded Mexican couple and a priest. He accuses the groom of killing a fellow cowboy, but what about the bride and the innocent priest? Why did he killed them? This event and portrayal of the cowboy was one of Hollywood's biggest mistakes, they portrayed the cowboys in the movie as fearless killers who kill for the fun of it. Doc, the drunkard character played by Val Kilmer, is also poorly portrayed in comparison to a real cowboy from the …