2)Who is thefirst man to hold baby Telemachus? 3)Who does Odesseus pray to for help? 4)What does Odysseus make Penelope promise before he leaves? That she will select another husband after their son is grown.

6)What does Athena want Odysseus to do? 9)What was Odysseus' plan to get inside Troy? 10)When Laocoon tries to warn the Trojans about the wooden horse, what happens to him? They think the Greeks gave up and went home. 13)How does Odysseus offend Poseidon He doesn't thank him for his help. 14)What does Poseidon say to Odysseus? 15)How long has odysseus been to war? 16)Lost in the fog, Odysseus' ship is lost and lands where? 17)What does Odysseus do wjth his wine? 18)What does he tell the Cyclops his name is? 19)Why wouldn't Odysseus let his men kill the Cyclops when he was drunk? They couldn'tmove the rock in front of the cave. 20)What do Odysseus and his men do to the Cyclops? 21)After sailing for seven months, Odysseus lands on the island of Aeolus who is the god of what? 22)What does Aeolus give to Odysseus? 23)How soon should he be back in Ithaca? 25)Why didn't Odysseus kill the pig? 26)Why didn't Odysseus turn into an animal when he drank Circe'spotion? Hermes gave him something to eat against the spell…

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